"I often think about what would happen if ideas took a form, a substance. I like the new, the design, the attention to detail, the style"
Matteo Erbetta
newe founder & ceo

we are Newe Design

We believe that functionality should never sacrifice style, and so we are dedicated to creating taps that combine form and function in innovative ways.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that taps are not just practical elements in a room, but true jewels of art that can transform the look and feel of a space. Each of our products is the result of careful research and a constant commitment to design perfection.

From high-quality materials to elegant finishes, we ensure that each of our taps is a work of art, capable of harmonizing with any decor style. We are passionate about innovation and sustainable solutions, integrating cutting-edge technologies into our products to offer a modern and environmentally friendly experience.

shaping water

Respect and valorization of an essential element of life also comes from the design of the tools that man uses to make use of it.

We dedicate ourselves to careful research to create timeless and long-lasting products, designed for people who love beauty and well-being. Therefore, our products are not just taps, but real high-quality furnishing accessories. They can integrate seamlessly into any room, with surfaces as varied as wood, glass, ceramic and metals. It is a dialogue of colors and materials with original finishes, capable of transforming the space into a balanced and harmonious environment.

Our wide selection of eco-sustainable and high-quality materials allows us to create items with high technical performance, maintaining a strong commitment to the defense of important aesthetic functions, combined with the respect for the environment around us.


We pay maximum attention to every phase of the production process, from conception to industrialization, from logistics to product delivery. All this is guided by a modern and sustainable approach, starting with careful research into materials and technological solutions that ensure the optimal management of the environmental energy and human resources at every stage.

NEWE's commitment is concretely translated, for example, in the choice of packaging for our products. We have eliminated plastic from all the packagings, opting instead for renewable and environmentally friendly materials. We are convinced that even small details can make a difference, contributing to our commitment to a sustainable future.