geometric and refined

Quadr8 embodies the essence of contemporary geometry in taps. Strongly emerging thanks to its clean and minimalist lines, it gives life to an elegant and cutting-edge aesthetic.

It looks like the result of meticulous workmanship with excellent quality materials. Every detail of the Quadr8 line is precision finished to ensure uncompromising durability over time. This collection offers a vast selection of models, designed to integrate harmoniously into any context: a bathroom with modern and minimal lines or a more classic and traditional environment.


The Quadr8 line emerges as a dynamic work of art, where the geometric shape transforms into a suggestive exploratory canvas.

Its spout, one of a kind with its 8mm of precision, is not just a functional element, but a distinctive element that makes this single-lever mixer a testimony to the synergy between art and innovation.

Quadr8 finds its natural home in a modern and sophisticated bathroom, where it becomes the distinctive signature of a refinedly designed environment.

For the most demanding architects, Quadr8 presents itself as the uncompromising choice, a fusion of geometric shapes and high quality materials, creating an elegant synthesis between form and function. In this context, the Quadr8 line is not simply a bathroom accessory, but an icon of contemporary industrial design, embodying the philosophy of refined aesthetics and design aimed at excellence.

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