Shaping water

designed taps

transform your spaces into an incredible expression of style. discover the potential of Newe products.

new design was created to shaping water

Newe intends to shaping water with projects created respecting this precious resource. Our commitment is reflected in the production, processes, and minimal packaging, made of recycled cardboard and cotton.

A furnishing product is chosen for its design and finishes. The finishes by Newe Design match perfectly with all possible architectural projects.

" I often think about what would happen if ideas took a form, a substance. I like the new, the design, the attention to detail, the style "

We believe that functionality should never sacrifice style, and so we are dedicated to creating faucets that combine form and function in innovative ways.


complete the space, personalize the idea, evolve the concepts.

DUEACCA w/ Adriano design

Newe Design's collaboration with the Adriano Design studio represents the essence of our philosophy. Dueacca is the minimal product par excellence, a simple object that thanks to its modularity,  transforms and becomes whatever you want.